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How to pick up the booty online!

After approaching and opening, pickup artists attempt to engage the women in conversation. The moment where a woman (or group) decides that they want to continue the interaction with the pickup artist is called the "hook point" (Strauss). Members of the seduction community employ various techniques designed to develop attraction and rapport with the women they are having a conversation with (and the groups these women are in). Techniques can be "canned" (pre-scripted), or "natural" (improvised). These techniques include:
"Negs," i.e. remarks, such as backhanded compliments, that are designed to actively demonstrate lack of interest and "falsely disqualify" the pickup artists as potential suitors or, more commonly, to tentatively disqualify the target. Negs are generally advocated for attractive and very attractive women. They are intended for numerous purposes, including slightly lowering a girl’s self-esteem so she’s more vulnerable to pickup, displaying higher value, or for lowering a girl’s "bitch shield" (i.e. hostile attitude to potential suitors), etc. (associated with the Mystery Method)
"Cocky & Funny," i.e. statements that combine humor with overconfidence or play arrogance. (developed by David DeAngelo but often used by other methods)
"Kino," i.e. physical touching. (origin: Ross Jeffries, from the word kinesthesia) Also noted in Mastering your Hidden Self, a book widely recommended for PUAs, as the word for body.
Using routines, i.e. pre-scripted conversations, or actions.; an example would be a pickup artist telling a story (sometimes true, sometimes verbatim from a pickup guru) about himself which has been scripted in advance.
Patterns, i.e. hypnotic language derived from sales and NLP designed to influence a woman's subconscious mind, to seduce her, or to otherwise condition her without her knowledge. Patterning can be done spontaneously though is usually completely scripted in advance. (promulgated by Ross Jeffries, Major Mark, Bishop, and many others)
Humorous banter
"Eliciting values," i.e. finding out what is important to a person, and what they desire. Eliciting values is a technique from NLP for making patterns and other techniques more effective at influencing a person. Rather than using a canned pattern in which someone is led through a predetermined sequence of states, eliciting values uses specific sequences of questions to find out a person's "internal roadmap" that leads to a certain state, and then the pickup artist attempts to "lead" them to that state. Eliciting values is also used to screen for traits that the pickup artist is looking for in women he interacts with, and to assess compatibility if he is looking for a relationship. Alternatively, eliciting values can be used to gain rapport. (origin: Richard Bandler and John Grinder)
"AMOG destroyers," (or "AMOGing," "AMOG tactics") i.e. dealing with competing males in the group with backhanded compliments or subtle jibes, such as picking an item of clothing they are wearing and making fun of them for it. "AMOG" stands for "Alpha Male Other Guy (or Alpha Male of Group)," and "AMOG" can also be used as a verb: to "AMOG" someone. AMOG destroyers are designed to establish oneself as the dominant person in the group. A lot of AMOGing comes from simply not acknowledging the other person.(Originally developed by Owen Cook)
Different styles of pickup and seduction use different degrees of structuring interactions. For example, Mystery Method employs a high degree of structure and conceptualizes interaction with women in a series of three stages, viz. attraction, comfort, and seduction, which are each subdivided into three stages as well. At the other end of the spectrum, natural game advocates such as Juggler[1] and Real Social Dynamics discourage pre-scripted interactions and value relating to individuals spontaneously with a general awareness of increasing intimacy.

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10 Reasons Why A Man Should Never Get Married

1. No nasty divorces and painful alimony payments down the line.
2. You can get old, the woman by your side doesn't have to.
3. In-Laws. Period.
4. No waking up at 3 am cause the wife's snoring.
5. You get the couch all to yourself.
6. No hair in your shower.
7. Porn can stay in your history, no need to delete everyday.
8. Kids. And don't think it won't happen to you.
9. She'll shave her legs more often if there's no ring on her finger.
10. The privilege to enjoy silence.

a little present from Big- L, long on the legs, short on the skirt

Crazy Night Starring Kiki

This was Kiki. She sure put on a show like I've never seen (and that says a lot). But, Laurence buddy, it was all for you. Thanks to all the guys who came out. A picture is worth a thousand jaw drops. Take it in boys. Kiki's one-hour won't be forgotten.

Booty Watch is back on the Prowl...so watch out - we're coming for ya!

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